Horny Cougar Ties and Uses Teen Neighbor

Miss deer was the sweetest woman in the neighborhood. She would bake her cupcakes and give them to anyone who passed by her house. While handing them out, who in the world would know that after waving goodbye to all the men who had lined up early in the morning for them, she would go back into her house down the basement stairs towards a man tied down in a chair. His hair was a frazzled mop of light. His eyelashes were cast down as he took in deep even breaths.

In tonight's erotica episode, we would be telling a tale of a lustful teenager and his beautiful middle-aged neighbor. Seems like appearances can sometimes deceive - our precious sweet-looking neighbor turned out to be an aggressive and sadistic naughty cougar who gets kicks from tying up teen guys in some kinky shenanigans. So sit tight while we tell you about how brody was bound to a chair downstairs in the basement of his own home. Our respectable-looking elderly woman seemed like she was the sweetest one around; baking cupcakes for everyone who came by her place. Even though they looked delicious, he only took one bite before running inside since he had something important on tonight. When it came time for him to head over there, he found himself walking up those familiar steps down into the basement where there sat an unfamiliar man bound tightly to a chair with a rope around his neck which kept him still but alive - just waiting patiently for this horny teen too fall victim to sinfulness...


Miss deer was the sweetest woman in the neighborhood. She would bake her cupcakes and give them to anyone who passed by her house. Her cupcakes were the best in the world, and they were even more delicious when the person making them had a ready red smile. She would be wearing a regular office shirt and skirt with high heels that matched her.

While handing them out, who in the world would know that after waving goodbye to all the men who had lined up early in the morning for them, she would go back into her house down the basement stairs towards a man tied down in a chair? His hair was a frazzled mop of light. His eyelashes were cast down as he took in deep even breaths.

But miss dear only had to gently tap him on the shoulder to instantly awaken him. His brown eyes were wide taking in mis dear in the claustrophobic room. His gaze was on full alert when he realized that his hands and knees abounded to a chair. His mouth was not free. Because a ball gate was inside of it.

Miss deer, what is going on? Brody asked, but it all came out in a muffle. The last thing he remembered was miss deer in front of his house. Then it was all black. Miss deer pulled away the strands of hair that were poking brody's eyes. The unbuttoned part of her shirt was right in front of their body, whose eye popped when he saw a dark crease.

I know you may have a lot of questions, but let me go first. Okay. Since there was no other seat in the dimly lit basement, miss deer may do with brody's lap. Brody instantly straightened when he felt her round butt warming his left leg. He looked down to make sure she was sitting on his thigh, but could not take his eyes away from the smooth leg she had crossed over.

Although his leg was nice and thick enough for him to support her, miss deer still leaned over, wrapping her arms around his neck. She could feel the fast pace of his heart beating right at her breast. She smirked, fortunately for her. Brody did not have a chance to shower before being captured by her, so she got to inhale his musky scent as she did.

Everyone in the neighborhood loves my cupcakes except you. You are the only one who has never eaten a single one of them. Brody closed his eyes feeling the sweat on his forehead increase every time. Miss dear breathed on his neck when she talked. The smell of vanilla was making his mouth water. He tried to gulp it down, but some slipped through the ball, g. He watched his mis dear swipe over the drool with her index finger.

His pupils dilated when he saw her take her tongue out and lick the saliva off her fingers. The strain brody felt in his pants was official. There was no calming it down. Now my dear pretended everything was perfectly flat and that nothing was poking her thigh as she continued. Even though I say hello to you every morning, you ignore me.

Even though I try to strike up a conversation, you only say yes or no. So tell me, do you hate cupcakes or do you hate me? Her hand was making small circles on one of the brody's abs, her finger was dangerously close to the bulge. Lately, every time I come near you, you run away in the other direction.

What was I to do? Except. She abruptly grabbed the bulge and squeezed it in the palm of her hand. The shock of mis deer's. The sudden touch made brody convulse. His head got foggier. The more mis dear played with his boner. His body automatically tried to raise his pelvis to get more of her sweet touch, but it was a useless effort since his legs were tied down as well.

Mis dear released the clasp of the ball g behind bodies. The gig came off his mouth with a thin trail of saliva. She watched brody's anxious eyes when he realized her hand was gone. She could feel him give a mournful hump upward before dropping into the seat with a sweet smile. She asked, now, will you please tell me what it is that makes you run away from me?

Brody was not even looking at it. His eyes were laser-focused on the hand that was slowly crawling up his thigh, then backing away. Every time the middle finger hit the base of his bulge, he had zero control over his mouth. When he replied to her, the boys, have a pact. Anyone who wants to ask you out has to go for at least a month without seeing you.

That way they would know who was serious and who wasn't. We aren't even allowed to call you by your first name. Miss dear paused as she took in what brody had just said, a smile crept up the edge of her mouth before she got a hold of herself and intentionally made her frown how ridiculous she muttered as she got on her knees and undid the zipper of his pants.

Brody's cock happily sprang up to greet her and she wasted no time taking it into her smooth mouth. She could hear brody groan in pleasure. Trying to stop himself from humping her mouth. His eyes had deep darkness in them, and miss dear could only imagine what he must want to do to her if he wasn't tied down.

Her body shivered and her mouth worked faster and excitement at the boundless prospects secretly, she pulled a hand down to her crotch and rubbed it no matter how secretly brody saw that. The sweet and innocent dear was playing with herself like a whore. What a sight to behold. He did not bother.

The warning is dear when his mind felt such intense pleasure when he was about to come. He panted harshly looking down at her. Come plastered. Face and mouth are dear will you go out with me? Mis dear smiled as she played with the flaccid cock in front of her. It was weeping out the remaining semen as if asking her for mercy, but she was not the kind and innocent princess everyone thought her to be and she was not going to forgive so easily.

Her fingers worked faster, rubbing away all the sore spots and the cock until it was fully erect again, looking at her pleadingly. No. Brody needed to be punished for going along with the whims of others instead of just coming to her. Miss deer stopped her fingers all of a sudden making brody gasp in desperation.

She liked the way he looked at her full of want in need but was unable to push the words out of his dry throat. Miss deer just smiled as she stepped back and picked up the ball gig on the floor. Right now is far too late to answer such a serious question. I'll come back tomorrow to see if you haven't changed your mind.

She wiped it off with a handkerchief and then held it out like an invitation. Now, open wide. Brody looked at the gig, an alarm, but the sweet smile missed dears face, placated any reluctance he may have had like a sedative. Before he could say anything. Miss deer shoved the ball gig into his mouth and clicked it back in place.

She patted the dust off his shoulder. Goodnight, miss deer said as she climbed up the stairs. Goodnight brody tried to say watching her back the next morning. Mis dear. Tried to focus on the faces of all the people lining up to get one of her cupcakes. But her thoughts kept on wandering. She wasn't in a daze until the evening when she finally could not take it anymore and hurried down the stairs to the basement.

Brody, did you miss me? She asked slightly out of breath but looking as perfect as ever. Her high heels clicked as she walked over to the tide. Man, after mis dear walked in. Brody's eyes never left. He watched her, she put down a tray of cupcakes on the floor and then come over and remove his ball.

G. Have you been a good boy? While I was gone, miss dear asked pouring fresh water down his throat like a messiah. Brody tried to answer, but the water tasted too good to part with. As brody drank. Miss dear began to talk. I've been thinking that it's not good to keep you tied up, like. I will unite you on one condition that you do everything that I say without a question.

She took the bottle off his lips and stared at him. Understand. Brody licked the remnants of the water off his lips and hurriedly nodded, my dear, smiled widely. And that was all the reward body needed. Good boy, she said, now let's test it out. Bark like a dog. Brody did not even bother to question that command before doing what he was told.

Or, our good boy miss deer, said she went and undid the rope ties before facing him again. Now give me your paw. Brody gave her his hand. Good boy. Now stand on all four legs. Brody got off the chair and got on his hands and knee. Panting with his tongue out like a real dog while looking up at mis dear for praise, mis dear did not fail him.

Good boy brody. She rubbed the hair on top of his head. Who's the greatest doggie in the world? Did I bark brody? Yes, you are. Miss deer said as she lifted a cupcake for being such a good doggy, you deserve a reward. She bent over and hid the cupcake under her loose skirt. Come and get it. Roddy looked at the place miss deer's hand disappeared into.

He looked at his lips mesmerized as he crawled on all fours and gripped her hips as he opened his mouth, swallowing the entire cupcake and grazing his lips against her cunt and cl. There was no obstruction from the pan. Because miss dear was not wearing any in the first place. Oh, brody, good boy, miss dear side brody loved it when miss dear praised him.

He could not help but want to hear more. Not only his stomach, but his mouth was hungry too. It wanted to feast upon the right flower, and it did just that thrusting its tongue into the place where the nectar poured out. Good boy. Good boy, good boy, good boy. Mis dear. Shoved brody's face harder into the crotch, not allowing him to breathe at all legs.

Trembling from the onslaught of her orgasm, she cried out in shock and sprayed her fluid all over brody's face and shirt, and rolled her hips. Tantalizingly brody, are you in heat? She. Spying on the cock that had been out and hard since she walked in. I wanna know how a doggy does it with his mate.

Brody, show me a body, spread her legs apart and put one over his shoulder. He didn't think twice as he plunged his cock into the glistening hole and kept ramming. Uncaring of anything else like a real dog. The pitch of his barks kept getting higher. As he began to get closer to the finish line.

Miss deer's insides felt so tight and hot. Thought it was the perfect place to come inside. I will breed you and make you pregnant with my pups. I'll fuck you for the rest of your life as my bitch. Oh, fuck brody said, able to hold back a giant load of sperm. Miss deer's voice hitched when she felt the warm liquid surround her and travel inside the thought of having puppies made her unbearably happy.

I'll date you if you'll be my doggy forever. Miss dear said, okay. Brody barked in agreement. He will be the best doggy in the entire world.