Game Night Turns GangBang Orgy

I wanted tonight to be a surprise for you, and like I know how you always like to come home and find me dirty. But when they all got here, turns out all your guy friends, those bros you play with online, are all women pretending to be guys. They love me, babe. I love me and my, my, so, Oh baby, just why You just take off some of your work clothes and come here beside me. And right there between my legs, I come and. Oh my God, that's deep. I'm just being, coming, coming since And here, here, baby.

In this episode of hot naughty erotica, we follow a wife who agrees to let her husband go off and game with his friends from the internet- but what she doesn't know is that these so-called friends are all girls. Her good intentions turn into a hot gang bang orgy as husband finds out online gaming partner are beautiful horny women pretending to be men dying to fuck some BBC!


Oh, what am I up to? Um, I think you can figure it out. Oh. Oh my God. Oh, oh. Oh, where are you? Are you gonna be home soon? Oh, oh, good. Good, good. Now it's just gettings started. Um, babe, is there something I need to tell you though? Oh, oh, oh, okay. Just gimme, gimme a minute. Just talk. Talk to my husband. Okay. You see, babe, I wanted tonight to be a surprise for you, and like I know how you always like to come home and find me dirty.
It's just, uh, this might not be exactly what you expect.
Jesus. Where did you learn to do that? I'm sorry, babe. Oh, well, I know it sounds exactly like what you were hoping for. Uh, just, um, maybe you'll have to come home and see. Okay. I miss you so much. Oh my God. Oh, God. I you. Come, go, babe. I gotta, I'm,
oh God. . Oh,
Oh, I must've hung up on him. Wow. Uh oh God. . Oh, if you wanna take a now Yeah, go ahead. And right there between my legs. Oh my. I come and. Oh God, yes. In the. Yeah. I went and my puss is,
you close by. Well, surprise. Oh God, he does like surprised. Oh good. They just don't stop. Oh, God. They love me, babe. I love my and my, my, so,
Oh baby, just why? You just take off some of your work clothes and come here beside me. Um, no. They, you, and I don't always like to join in. Don't you pay? This is no different.  well, it's a little different. And this is me.
Oh God, that's deep. Oh my God. God. All his finger bands are so deep. I'm me do see. So sensitive. I'm just being, coming, coming since And here, here. Come here, baby. Um, oh. You kept your boxes on. At least your, that's a sign, babe. Of course, I can tell. Fuck baby. Come here. Kiss me.
Oh, God. Yes, baby. I love it. Oh, I feel so good. Okay. I'm trying to explain, babe. You see, I, I know how you love it when I'm getting fucked, when you get home, and I want to make it special for you at night because it's our anniversary and everything. So I decided when you were away that I.
Oh, fuck. Right there. Right there. I, oh God. God, they're so good. That baby. Um, where was Right, right, right? I went onto your gayman. I found all your friends and I connected with them. You know the guys you play with online. I thought I'd invite them over to fuck me so you can meet them and I could play with them.
You're always bragging about your wife and me, big tis anyways, and they're always getting so turned on hearing about it. You love that, don't you, babe? Yes. Can you see my nipples? They're so hard and wet. They've just been playing with them and sucking them and squeezing them this whole time. You're kind of obsessed with my big, maybe even more than you, babe.
But the thing is, when they all got here, turns out all your guy friends, those bros you play with online, They're all women pretending to be guys. Ugh. God, definitely women who love your wife's body. Her big, pussy. Oh, oh, God. They're so good with their mouth and their fingers. Oh, oh,
oh God. They put my fingering on. I'm sucking at the same time. Oh my. Oh my. Yes, yes.
I couldn't help him. Oh, fuck. Oh, kiss me again.
What does my lip taste like, babe? Something familiar.
Oh, I couldn't help myself. I never thought I'd join a girl gang bang before, but they were just getting so wet and turned on. I needed to have a taste. Mm-hmm. . I did Sample of Pussy Baby, just one, but I wanna try some more. You're not mad, are you, baby? You're not upset that I'm not getting banged by dozens of her cocks, but sad.
It's just. These four. Amazingly sexy, very talented gamer girls. Really? Well, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you wanted to play along, would you? Ladies? They do like you, babe. They like me more. Of course. And they find you very entertaining online. And why don't you show them your cock baby? I have been bragging about it.
Don't be shy. They wanna see it, don't you ladies? Oh, fuck there. It's the cock. I love. You're so hard, babe. You like seeing all their hands on me. Oh, they're so soft, baby, and they smell so good and love doing this too. Their. They've all got smaller titties than mine, but they do have their fair share don't they babe?
Oh yes. Stroke your cock. Well, we play a little bit more just like you do when I was a guy's stroke. Your cocking get ready for us. Oh my God, yes. I love it, there are soft, big titties throwing on mine. If one of our hard nipples kinda connects like this and we just battle them out, rubbing them hard against seeing each other.
I, uh, you know what I like doing baby? Uh, like when one of them lays on her. Back like this, and I get to curl up onto her face, put my pussy over her face, and they don't mind how hard I ride their faces with my gun. Oh, not too different from a guy in that respect, are they? Usually, I'd have a man in front of me sucking his dick, but since we're switching things up today, Maybe one of them should bring their pussy right in front of my face.
I could take another taste. You wanna see that beep? Wanna see me eating a pussy for you? This is supposed to be your anniversary. Surprise after all. Oh, G, G. God, I love my heart. I cry down, not my tongue. Like those muffled bones she makes and her nails are taking into my ass. I never get nails in my ass.
Oh my God. This one's just spreading her fucking pretty pussy open in front of my face. Look at that pussy baby. He has a stroke. Oh, you know what a busy tastes like, don't you? Huh? You watch me get my second taste. Just, I'm like in between these lips. Um, oh, oh my God. She's a good baby. Um, I'm not necessarily gonna trade it in for Coke, but I do like the taste of her.
Oh. Like how, what? Everything. I can flick or click like I know. I like it when you flick my, uh, you taught me that baby just like this.
When don't you put a finger in her babe? Yeah. Maybe we can make her come together. Wouldn't that be hot? Oh, I'm gonna slide a finger up in pussy with one hand. Won't you jack your cock off? Yeah, I'm gonna on her clip.
It's so tiny. . I flick it. Suck it. She tight, baby. Oh, so good. The same things are being done to my I'm facing. Yeah. She comes to my face. I want to come. My face Id she all over yours and my face finger.
Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Okay. You're going, I'm coming to get it. Oh, you taste that. Oh, God. She's so, oh, fuck. Oh, oh, oh. Oh. No one. Do you like eating me, he's so much. Oh, Oh. Tastes get so much sweeter when they come.
Um, you wanna taste? Yeah, you can taste your pussy too, babe. Have a little wig while I suck your fingers clean.
Oh my God. Oh, look at those other two. Just keeping themselves entertained while we're playing with these two. We don't wanna leave them out though, do we? You know what? I haven't tried yet, babe. With your online buddies, Oh, I haven't tried scissoring my pussy against theirs. I know it's gonna feel so good.
Oh, I could grind down as hard as I want against that pussy. Fuck. I've always wanted to try that ba. It's different than grinding down on a cog. Well, maybe not a hard cock, but you know, sometimes when you get soft and I still like to keep going and I like to grind my cl against you, but I can't do it very hard cause you're so sensitive.
I could grind away at one of these pretty little cus don't you think? Oh, you do wanna see that, don't you baby? You like, you're surprised. , you're kinda speechless. I've never seen you like that before, babe. Usually, you're letting the dirty talk fly, telling me all the nasty things you want your slut to do with all those cos you can still tell me all the nasty things you want me to do with these ladies.
Yeah, you wanna just spread her legs wide so I can sit diagonally on top of her and spread my legs wide. Line my little pussy up with hers like this. God, look at what? She's a baby. Oh, she's grabbing my tis. Oh, they've gotta get their hands on my ti baby. I'm just my pussy on. Oh, God. Ha. Oh, man. Holy fuck. Oh, it feels so weird.
Oh my God. She's got home. These little extra folds and Oh riches. Your cock doesn't have, oh fuck. She's so, oh my God. I like this baby. Oh, bring your cock to my mouth baby. Can I suck your cock while mine? Please.
Oh, fuck yes. You know one of your little slutty friends can suck your ball too. Baby, that wouldn't be too weird. Would one of your online buddies warming up all come to your balls for me?
Oh, God. It does sound dirty. Doesn't it would be even dirt or it was a man, Oh no. It's pretty soft and strong. And look at her looking up at you under your palms. Both of us looking up at you. Take you. Cock in my
pussy like this. Oh fuck, fuck. Oh my God, you what that is. It's so fucking.
Oh, fuck. Oh, oh, God. I love when she grabs my hips and helps me her. Yes, yes, yes. . Oh, love five's wet. Everything has so much water when it's just girl and girl like this. Oh fuck, baby. I gotta suck her titties for a minute. Ok. Is that ok? God, she's got perfect little titties to suck.
Oh God, no baby. Let them play with you. Touch their titties, finger. Their pussies come from me.
He has, he has. You're using I'm Cause it quits so fast. Oh, God. You. So, God, I'm gonna squirt, I'm gonna squirt over my, I'm gonna squirt over above you, God. Oh my God. God, it's so sensitive. Oh, oh, the fuck's fuck. Oh, God. She, she's, she's so, she just keeps So what? Oh, fuck.
Oh God. , who would've thought I've come so hard without anything hard to come on? Oh shit. Oh, God. Oh, God's. You just sucking on my ti still. Oh, oh, baby. The thing is, they're not like the guys we regularly play with. Once they come, they're done. God, these little let's just keep going, going and going. Oh my God.
One's licking me behind. Oh, fuck yeah. I'm gonna finger my friend's fucking pussy. Finger hard. Yeah. I shove three fingers inside. Kind of just them up in there. I want her to come again. I want our bed to be soaked with all the different flavors that they use everywhere. Oh my God. Oh.
When she's about to come. Oh, this is why you love it so much around your cock, isn't it? Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh, she's coming baby. She's cutting fingers. Fuck is squeezing. I'm so looking. God
Oh yes. Feed me. Open your mouth. Oh, open your mouth and let me feed you the taste around my fingers. Oh, you love that. Oh, your cock is so hard. It's just drooling precum. Oh, come on ladies. Why don't all of your taste that precum from his cock? I guarantee it'll get more flowing. There's room for all of you.
Do you like that baby? All four of their tongues take licks on your cock and your balls. Oh, fuck yeah. Oh God, I love watching them. Pleasure you. It's getting it going. Isn't it? Pain is hard to take. Hearing the moan, smelling your wife's pussy in the room all over them watching them finger their wet pus pussies while they look cute.
Oh, you know what we were talking about before you got here? Mm. . Yeah. Besides how big and hard and sexy your cock is. I was telling them how amazing your come tastes. Oh my God. Look at all that precum. Ladies, laugh it up. Oh, he just precums like that when he's getting close. You're getting closer, aren't you, baby?
Yeah. Those tongues do it, don't they? Who would've thought this role reversal would make such an impact on your cog? The thing is, I also told them how much you love reclaiming me after I'm being used by all the men and my pussies. Soaked and dripping. You do like that, don't you, baby? Oh, my pussy is soaked and dripping.
It's just got all their pussies, squirt, and juices all over him. And I still want it to be reclaimed badly, baby. So we kind of decided then when you're ready, you're gonna take your wife back from all their slutty little pussies. You're gonna fuck me hard like you do, baby. I'm gonna tell you how good it was coming on their pussies and how well they use mean.
Oh, when you unloaded me, baby, when you unload all that, oh, instead of it just sitting in there wasted, they're gonna lick it outta my pussy. Get to you and they clean you off when he does that sound. Oh fuck. Oh, godly. He's. Sorry about that. He just can't seem to wane. Oh, God. He baby climb on top of me.
All the ladies are gonna hold my legs for you. Oh.
God. Yes. Your friends did that to me. Your slutty little dirty friends did that to my friends with their fingers and their mouths and it Yes baby. Yes. They wanted, they want, they want you to come at me so they can fucking take your pussy bag. Whos that? It's yours. It's yours. It's yours. Oh, you do. I love you're talking to me.
Oh God, I needed a good, fuck this. Fill me up. Fill me
God. Oh, God. He's coming to me. He's coming. So I'm like, oh holy. Don't stop it. Oh my.
That's how he does it, ladies. He just gets so wild when I get used, don't you, baby? Come here, kiss me. Mm.
Now slide your cock out nice and slow. Normally, I would never give up a chance to clean off your cock babe, especially since usually it's covered in dozens of other flavors of man spunk. But today I'm gonna be accommodating to your online friend. Let them you, some of them are gonna lick your cock clean, babe.
But these two little swats, they've just been dying to suck you outta my,
oh my God. Oh, they're greedy. Little sluts, aren't they? Oh fuck. Oh, you like that? Oh, baby, you're still so hard. Oh, God. I don't mind if you have to come again. If you
don't just We just kiss home while they clean us up. I'll make us come again. He baby, he. Yes. Kiss me. Kiss me. Oh, God. Little
God. We have come on the come. Come the.
Oh, God. Look at them at home kissing each other, baby. Isn't that so hot?
I think my pussy needs a little bit of a break, unlike when we have a dozen guys or so to play with. When it's just the ladies, my other do-holes don't get to be put to as much use. Maybe next time we should tell them to bring some toys along to correct that how fame. Mm. . Well, I mean, I'd be game if you enjoyed this.
Surprise. Mm-hmm. . Hmm? I'll take that. A Yeah. Where are they going? Well, to get a game started what else? They are your gaming buddies after all. And now I guess they're my playthings too, or should I say our playthings? Mm. Yeah. I like the sound of that too big. Maybe you can join them in a few minutes. I think it's my turn to do a reclaiming of you, babe. Here's a sneak peek of another lush, inlays erotic audio. I mean more gloss. Oh yeah. Oh God, my lips are even bigger. I have to use so much more gloss. I 'em. Oh. Mm-hmm. . Oh, yes. Oh, that's, oh, they're singling again. Am I titties too? Are they getting bigger, sir? Hmm. . You like that, don't you? I can tell because something else is getting bigger again, too. Oh, sir. I'm feeling like that naughty girl again. Oh, Hmm. I'm looking up here. I'll spit so my glossy lips are even bigger. My big you. Hmm. . Oh, I'm so glad you still can't say no to me, sir.
Yes, that's it. Fuck these Pimble brain cells.