A Lesbian Blind Date

On this episode we share you the sordid sexual exploits of a lesbian blind date. Listen as we tell you about how these lesbians set off on their naughty escaps together - feeling each other up, exploring each other's bodies, and experiencing new heights of ecstasy together. Ashley's heart skipped a beat when the blonde beauty smiled at her direction - she had never felt anything like it before. Her eyes roamed over every inch of Elise's body; taking in all those delicious curves while being totally oblivious to everything else around them. They wasted little time with introductions before they were engaged in conversation, making out halfway through dinner at one point (Elise couldn't resist). By the end of the night both women knew what they wanted - and it was just between them. Don't miss out! Talerotica is always bringing us more erotic adventures that are perfect for satisfying your wildest fantasies without fail.