Husband Cuckold Swap Sex

Prepare yourself for something incredibly satisfying and fulfilling, as we take you on an enlightening audio journey through forbidden fantasies. This time around, it's hot cuckold fetish sex where a woman trades her husband for her best friend's hubby in an arousing sexual escapade of voyeuristic pleasure! With every thrust, I felt myself coming closer to him again. Trying not to egg him on had been a constant battle for me but he was right about one thing - exploring other men could be just what we needed. But don't worry because they're far from finished yet! On this intimate episode you'll get tantalizing insights into all things taboo; think erotic storytelling at its finest! And while there will always be more lustful stories waiting around the corner; remember that everything begins here at talerotica so make sure to stay tuned in or else these exquisite tales will come to an abrupt stop without the listeners who keep them going strong!


Usually, a change in music means a change in dancing partners, but I doubted this would be applicable at the moment.  I mean, I was at a swanky party with my husband and his friend who had come with his wife.  We'd organized a private party so we could spend time together after a few months of no contact. 
But I didn't think my husband would want me dancing with another man, friend or not.  Well, I was wrong.  My husband would be around and spin me away from him.  His friend Austin's powers spun his wife away at the same time I fell into Austin's arms.  He grabbed me at once, his strong arms circling my body. 
I gasp.  Austin was holding me a little too tight.  I would have no problem if these were my husband's arms, but not the arms of another man.  I turned around to catch my husband's reaction.  He was watching me with a smile, but it wasn't his smile that caught my attention.  Instead, it was the woman in his arms in my place. 
Austin's wife was in his arms following his lead as he danced to the.  Sensual music playing in the background, and my husband nodded and gave me the go-ahead to dance with his friend.  Once I had his permission, I could no longer resist.  I swayed in Austin's arms and then I felt his arms glide down my body until I could feel him at my lower back, just above my ass. 
I looked up into his eyes and caught a rather amorous look in them.  For the first time, I noted that his eyes were an enchanting gray.  I stared intently into them, noting his pupils dilate as he watched me, his eyelids were heavy.  His eyes drooped as though he had some desire I was yet to know of. 
He pulled me forward, so I fell into his arms.  My body was barely even an inch away from his left.  No sliver of space between.  My breasts were flat against his chest, my stomach pressing into the slight protrusion of his stomach.  He held me close as we kept dancing, and then I felt something hard poking me. 
I gulped.  I tried not to look down.  I knew that if I looked down, I would find a bulge in his pants.  It poked me again harder this time before I could react.  Austin grabbed my left thigh and placed it on his right hip.  I was wearing a sleeveless long red dress with a side slit, which extended from the hem toward my left hip. 
When Austin positioned my leg like that, the fabric of my dress fell away to reveal my thigh.  I turned towards my husband just in time to see him guiding Austin's wife to her knees.  The woman whipped out my husband's cock and quickly shoved it into her mouth.  The feel of Austin's hands all over my thighs returned my attention to him. 
He heaved a breath.  I could tell he liked what he saw when he looked at me.  I didn't want to brag, but I was more endowed than his wife.  My breasts were so full, they were almost spilling out of my dress.  He wanted to taste them already.  So he went for them at once.  He lowered his face to my chest, shoved down the thin straps of my dress, and yanked down the neckline to reveal my breasts. 
There was no bra in the way of my breasts, so he took my left nipple into his mouth at once.  He sucked hard on it.  His hungry mouth showed no mercy.  I wobbled where I stood when he sucked my breast.  My knees started to feel rubbery, making me wobble in my high-heeled straps and sandals.  I grabbed him for support and dropped my left leg to the ground. 
A mo escaped me.  The sound was so soft and raspy.  It drove Austin crazy with need prompting him to act like a savage beast.  He growled his voice low in guttural.  He rammed me into the wall.  And clamping down on my nipple with his teeth.  The man was fierce.  I loved it.  I'd been trying so hard to not encourage my steadily building desire for another man, but when I heard his wife moaning as my husband fucked her, I couldn't hold back anymore. 
From the corner of my eye, I could see him fucking her against a couch.  He pounded her hard and fast.  Each move of his cock caused her to cry out like a dirty little slut.  At this point, I couldn't hold back anymore.  I unbuckled Austin's jeans, shoved his pants down his legs, and grabbed his cock. 
But he was not about to let me take the reins of control.  He pinned me down with a kiss, and after he had shoved my panties to my ankle, he lifted my right leg off the floor.  And placed it on his left thigh.  Once my leg was right where he wanted it, he planted his cock at my opening.  I shuttered against the wall. 
The man was huge, so huge that I feared he couldn't fully enter my tight pussy, but he didn't share my fears.  Even if he did, he didn't let it show.  He pushed forward tearing my pussy lips apart with his girl.  As he slowly slid inside of me, I tried to pry my back off the wall, but he pinned me down and held me in place until he was halfway inside of me, and then he leaned away from me. 
My pussy was tight around his cock, treating him to a massage.  As he started to work his way up and down, he started slow, matching the pace of the music, which permeated the room.  But then he picked up the pace.  Each thrust of his cock knocked me out of breath.  He fucked me hard and deep.  His balls dangled against my thighs, and my husband was there to witness it all.