Submissive Slut Wife Punished By Dominate Husband

If you're ready to feel the ecstasy of being aroused, then this is just what the doctor ordered. Get ready to have those dark BDSM desires thrilled as you indulge in this audio BDSM erotica episode adventure from a submissive woman as she indulges in sexual BDSM activities with her dominating husband. Today, we'll explore the various ways we can excite each other and indulge our deepest desires. Listen up people; today you're going to have an eargasm like no other!


So you want to play, maybe.  We've been planning this scene for weeks, going over every little detail.  I know it's finally here.  I am so ready.  I'm on my knees in front of you, kneeling on the layers of thick, soft blankets on the floor.  There's a smug grin on my face.  I know, but oh, I can't help it. 
Besides you like it when I'm bratty.  Your favorite butt plug is in my ass and I feel so fucking good.  You're wearing a black shirt.  Unbuttoned to the color sleeves rolled up black pants.  Slung low on your hips.  God, you look good.  I've been tormenting you all day well within our limits, of course, but I know you're getting close to your breaking point. 
I can't wait for you to finally put me in my place.  Mm, baby girl.  What am I going to do with you?  You've been pushing my buttons today, I don't know what you're talking about.  Oh, don't look so pleased with yourself.  You know exactly what you did.  Yeah, I do.  You needed to concentrate on important work today, a meeting you'd been preparing for weeks. 
But I wouldn't be a good brat if I always did exactly what you wanted.  Watching your cheek slowly turn red while I stood in the doorway wearing that little gray dress that barely conceals my panties was so fun.  I played with my nipples and touched myself quietly.  Just out of your shot during your work call and you can do a thing. 
All you could do was watch.  He tried so hard to keep it together.  Hmm.  You broke the rules.  I specifically asked you not to disturb me at work today, but you just couldn't be a good girl, could you?  I see that glint in your eyes, that look tells me I'm in for a treat.  You know, this is what I want. 
What?  Where you want you to reach for the zipper of your trousers.  Ah, you drop your trousers to your knees, your cock strains up against your boxers, and I want to take it out so badly.  I reach up to touch it, but you take my hand away, uhuh.  I'm not gonna make this easy for you.  You want me to use your ass, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. 
What are your safe words?  Mercy means to slow down.  Red means stop.  I love this about you.  You know exactly what you're doing.  You're kind of a big deal in the BDSM community here.  People know you and respect you.  And when I met you, you were so sweet, so engaging, and genuinely interested in getting to know me. 
That's why I jumped at the chance to do a scene with you and you asked your brad to aim scenes with your other partner were so hot.  You and she had exactly the dynamic I was craving.  I was feeling ambivalent about the fetish community at the time, probably because my last tom told me brats are just bad submissives. 
Ugh.  I needed someone who understood that I love being submissive.  Being a brat just makes giving in so much more fun.  Now, he steps out of your pants since you like to use that mouth so much.  Ah, you're cox straining against your underwear.  I want so badly to take that thick chef into my mouth. 
Yeah, no touching.  If you want this cock in your ass, you are going to behave.  You're going to be a good girl.  Do you understand?  You pull it out and stroke it in your hands.  Fuck, I want it in my mouth.  In my ass.  You inch forward your lips brushing mine and your cock presses against my belly. 
You bend me against the wall holding my wrist by my side.  You know it's coming.  Those two words always drive a brat, tamer, crazy.  Make me you pull me up to my feet and turn me around to face the wall.  Your arms wrap around my waist and your hand drifts down my ass.  Mm. Circling the gem of the plug with your fingers. 
Is this what you wanted?  Yes.  You land a firm swat on my ass.  The answer is yes, sir. Oh, my ass.  C clenches around the plug.  Oh, god.  Do it again, please.  Is that the best you've got?  Oh, you are sassy tonight, aren't you?  I fucking love our ken musk game, knowing full lo always given.  It makes when I finally submit to you much sweeter. 
Oh, you pull the plug out.  There we go.  Let's get that ass nice and lubed up for me.  Mm. You massage my hole with your finger.  Pressing the head of your cock against my ass.  Mm. Have only been able to take half of you in my ass before.  Tonight, I wanna take all of you.  Fuck.  That would be so hot when you're punishing me. 
Uh, uh.  You're not allowed to come until I say so, baby girl.  You teased me, so I'm gonna make you fucking back.  Uh, just the tip, and I already feel so much fun.  You slowly slide inside me, pinning me against the wall with your body, and you hold my wrist tight above our heads.  The wall is cold against my breast, but the contrast of your hot body pressing against mine feels fucking good. 
Mm, you're so fucking tight.  You keep my arms down around my back, keeping them there sliding deeper inside me.  Is this what you fucking wanted?  Baby girl wanted me to fuck you.  Remind you who you belong to.  ? Uh, yes.  Yeah.  Yes.  What baby?  Yes.  Yes.  Mm. Uh, you hold my wrist in one hand using your other to spank me. 
Oh fuck.  Do you know how much I love getting spanked?  Mm. Ah, I'm gonna thank you.  Every time you don't call me, sir, I'm gonna fuck you so hard ah, and make you feel so good until all you can say is sir, oh god, yes.  That's exactly what I want.  Mm-hmm.  What I need.  My knees go weak from your words, but your body holds me up against the wall. 
You thrust deeper.  Fuck you're halfway in me.  I want you to go deeper.  I won't go further unless you want me to baby girl.  You know this is a punishment.  It's supposed to feel good.  No, I want you to, I want you to fuck my ass.  I want all of you inside me, please.  Your warm flashy cheek presses against mine. 
It's so sexy when you beg.  Say it again.  No, please fuck my ass.  I need all of you inside me.  No, please.  Oh fuck.  Oh, please what?  Baby girl?  Oh, this moment.  Can fundament, we have, I am chicken stu pressing back further onto your cock.  Oh, please sir, please, your strong arms wrap around my waist, but I keep my hands exactly where they are giving in after all that. 
Play fighting.  Oh fuck.  A word brushes over me.  My mind was quiet.  Oh, I feel you.  Smile against my cheek.  Ah, that's a good go.  Now relax for me.  Deep breath.  Deep breath.  Mm-hmm.  Oh fuck.  Oh my god.  Oh, fuck yeah.  Yeah.  Oh, you're doing so good for me, baby.  Duh.  Feels so good.  Yeah. 
Yeah.  Yes.  Yes, sir. I'll take it slow.  Okay.  Okay.  Oh, solely.  You thrust right up to the tip and on the way inside me, you kiss along my shoulder, up my neck.  Your lips reach my ear.  Your free hand wraps gently around my throat.  Whose ass is this?  It's yours, sir. Say it again.  My ass belongs to you, sir. Mm-hmm. 
No.  I push back against your cock rocking faster.  I reach back to your hips.  Clutching at them, guiding them.  Oh, fuck it.  Please fucked me harder.  Faster, please.  You start to go faster, feeling my body respond to you.  Oh, take you back with the same emergency.  I need you.  I need to be yours. 
I squeeze tighter around your cock, taking in all of you feeling your hips slam against my ass.  Oh yes.  Pull me closer.  Closer.  Your breath will sound to my breast as you watch them bounce with every thrust.  Yeah.  Oh yeah.  Oh, you like that?  Oh, you like it when I, oh, and I fucking punish this ass. 
Oh god, yes.  Hard.  Where's my good fucking girl?  He reached down to my ca. Oh, oh, fuck yes.  Oh, my pussy is throbbing.  Oh.  Desperate to be fucked.  Oh, oh.  The denials are so fucking good.  I reach back and my fingers thread into your hair.  I grab a fist fall and, oh, can you fuck me harder? 
Oh, do.  Oh, oh, oh, oh.  Do.  Oh, oh, oh.  Fuck.  Oh, that's it, baby girl.  Fuck me back.  Oh, that's my girl.  Your girl, I'm all yours.  Mm. I'm used to control you.  Used to take care of you to fuck.  Oh, it.  I'm gonna come.  Please, please let me come.  Please say the magic word, baby.  Please, sir. I'm so close. 
I need to come, come for me.  Don't hold back.  Fucking scream for me.  Oh, fuck, fuck.  . Yes, yes, yes.  I, yes.  Good.  Oh.  Oh.  Come, come.  Ah, okay.  Oh, fuck.  I know.  Yes, sir. Ah-huh.  Oh, fuck yeah.  Good girl.  Good.  Oh, oh, oh, oh.  Oh, you rest your forehead against my back.  Your arms rub softly around me and I lean forward with my cheek pressed against the cool wall. 
Oh, damn.  Oh, that was somehow, it was.  Oh, well.  Are you okay?  Oh, good.  You never better come here.  You.  No, no.  So are you going to behave now?  ? Maybe for an hour.  ? I thought so.  Come on, let's get in the shower.  I love you.  I love you too, sir. And I promise I'll behave until you're off the clock then all bets are off.