Outdoor Sex With Horny Milf Cop

Lustful ecstasy has been brought to life for your exploration and pleasurable distraction with this naughty story of an outdoor fuck fest between a horny police officer and his stranger. Today, outdoors desires are tickled - strap yourself in for the most stimulating ear orgasms you'll ever experience!


Walk Dimitri into the hood of his car, and twisted his arms behind his back.  And slammed a pair of cuffs around his wrists.  The man was strong and masculine, and yet he did not stand a chance against the fury of a purpose-driven Russian policewoman in a tight-fitting uniform.  He struggled against the scorching hot hood of his car, but could not pick himself up. 
I could giggle over his helplessness as I pinned him down.  But I resisted the urge to give into the fluttery emotion inside of me.  Why am I being arrested?  He groaned, and let go of me.  Come with me and you'll find out my voice was too breathy for recognition, but he heard the words.  Anyway.  My mustang was just across the street, so I gingerly held him off the hood of his. 
Pulled him with me and jaywalked to the street where my glossy black mustang awaited us.  Dimitri seemed to have no idea when to give up.  He kept wiggling as I frog-marched him to my car.  I clicked my tongue at him.  I wouldn't do that if I were you.  Resisting rest.  The arrest will only make things worse for you. 
You know that, and I won't hesitate to give you what you're asking.  My voice was crisp and clear each word with a precision of a flaming bullet.  I yanked, opened the left door to the passenger seat of my car, and shoved him in.  This time, he didn't try to resist.  He sat still his eyes on me.  As I shut the door, I walked around the car to the front passenger seat, ducked behind the wheel, and drove off to my apartment. 
We arrived in no.  I led him into my bedroom and shoved him into a wall.  So his hard muscular chest was flat against the soft mountains of my chest.  I wrapped the fingers of his right hand around his neck and grabbed his right hand with my left hand.  He gasped but did not say a word.  You are gonna save yourself now, Dimitri. 
I clicked my tongue, Dimitri.  No way.  Only a real man deserves a name, so masculine.  So I'll call you Lada.  That's what a sissy like you deserves.  Ain it.  He swallowed a lump in his throat.  I could tell my words were hitting home exactly what I wanted.  What would you have me do?  He asked.  I smiled at him, and then I took a step back. 
I shoved my right hand into the front pocket of my pants and retrieved a butterfly knife.  His eyes widened at the side of it.  Wait, he stiffened.  What are you?  His question died on his lips.  When I moved in for my first slice, I sliced open his shirt and let the fabric drop to the floor.  With the handcuffs in place, slicing the fabric was the only way to rid him of it. 
Once his torso was completely bare, I proceeded to unbel his pants.  I yanked his pants down his legs and looked up to meet his gaze.  Take off your shoes.  Lada.  I ordered in his inability to use his hands, taking off his shoes, posed a challenge, but he took them off.  Bringing a smug smile to my face. 
End your pants.  I said, take them off completely.  I watched gleefully as he stepped out of his pants and stood barefooted my eyes, zeroed in on his cock.  It had lost some of its fluidity but was nowhere as hard as it should be.  I wrapped my fingers around it and weighed it in my hands.  His girth filled my hand, but I decided against letting him in on my awe emasculate him. 
That was the goal.  Oh, sissy.  I said this is barely even a cock.  It would be unwise to want to fuck a woman with this.  I ran my fingers along his shaft and felt each throb of his veins beneath my fingers.  Unless I trailed off and stared into his eyes to build up his anticipation for the words I had left unspoken unless he asked unless you were trained first. 
I tightened my grip on his cock, squeezing hard enough to elicit a gasp through his parted lips.  I advanced toward my bed and pulled him by his cock.  He followed like a loyal dog.  Here's your training Lada.  I would him around and shoved him into the bed, so he lay flat on his back.  It only took a moment for me to rid myself of my clothes in half a moment, to secure a strap-on dildo around my waist. 
Dimitri's brows darted towards his hairline at the side of the big black cock, which would soon devour him.  But before he could.  I mounted the bed and found my way between his legs.  Oh, Lada.  I ran my fingers along his cock and then, and then down to his ass.  Crack.  I'm gonna fuck you so hard. 
You'll gap like a dirty little bitch.  I bent his legs towards his face, so his knees hovered above his torso.  Now his ass was bare to me.  It craved the protruding tip of the big black cock.  So I shoved it right in, but that was only after I had prepared his ass with a generous bit of my spit.  Fuck yes, Lada. 
I groaned my voice out doing his moans of pleasure.  Take my big black cock inside your ass.  You dirty little bitch.  Come on, take.  You love it when I fuck your ass, don't you?  His anal muscles stretched around my cock, urging me to go deeper.  Once I was fully in, I started to thrust in and out of him. 
I watched his eyes glisten with tears of pleasure as I fucked him, as hard as I dare, but like all good things, my moment with him had to end.  The man had only paid for a half hour.  A professional dominatrix who had fulfilled his sexual fantasy of being fucked by a sexy cop.  I knew though, that I had just found a loyal client, Dimitri would be back for more.