Cheating Wife's Lesbian Romp With The Nanny

Tonight's story is about the lesbian escapades of a lonely mistress. Join us on this steamy erotica as we explore the sexual utopia where one horny woman dared herself into an erotic afternoon rendezvous with hot lesbians and so many other pleasures. Even if they were 10 years apart in age and her co-worker had divorced ten times over; even though he was handsome enough while he himself went unnoticed. She could indulge in some afternoon delight, said amy, wrapping her arms around karen and kissing her passionately. Prepare yourself for the ecstasy of reality and fantasy tonight during our program featuring only our favorite episodes from time to time! Are you ready for a bit of everything tonight? With just one sentence spoken without fear or shame - brace yourselves people, because these last few minutes will be just as exciting as any moments before...The end.


Though Karen was in her late thirties, she was still a stunning woman with long flowing blonde hair and a curvaceous sexy body that would make most men look her way too bad.  Her husband wasn't one of them.  Not because he didn't find her attractive, but because no matter the time of day, he always seemed to be working. 
That meant Karen had to take care of their two-year-old toddler sally, But that was a problem in and of itself as she also had a job to juggle with.  That was precisely why they decided to hire amy.  Amy was just 20 years old and came highly recommended.  Though she was young, she was responsible and a straight-a college student, more worried about her studies than partying or guys. 
More interested in anything else.  But guys, since her interests lay on the fairest sex instead from the instant I first walked into their home, Karen was smitten.  The young co-ed was more than just gorgeous.  She was the kind of girl people couldn't get their eyes off, even if they.  She was tall and lean with massive breasts and an ass that simply wouldn't quit. 
Her legs went on for miles and were highlighted by those skinny black jeans.  She always seemed to have on the fact that she wore such tight-fitting tops with generous cleavage that allowed care and to stare right at her rack. 
Didn't help her be relaxed around any either.  Of course, no matter how badly she might want it, Karen wasn't about to go seducing a girl that wasn't even old enough to drink, no matter how badly she wanted to, no matter how many times she daydreamed about it, no matter how many times she walked out of her home office to just give that tight ass a little look or stare at those round firm boobs as she moved around the room taking care of sally. 
Plus the child was always around and she loved her toddler more than anything in the world.  But maybe just maybe while sally took a nap, Karen had to breathe in deeply and exhale slowly just to calm herself after imagining all she could with the stunning nanny.  While sally took one of those long naps, it had been so long since she had sex with her husband so long since the last time. 
Larry touched her or paid any attention to her.  When was the last time they even had a date or shared her romantic moment too long?  That was the answer.  So the idea of having this little lesbian girl with the big tits and the amazing ass in her arms finally granting her some pleasure made her quiver all over with delight, and still, Karen kept herself at arm's length with her young nanny. 
That was until that unforgettable, amazing Friday night when she spilled what remained of her cup of coffee all over her dress, just after an online meeting.  Oh, come on.  She gasped trying to wipe it off with a napkin.  But of course, it only made a bigger mess than it already had since Amy was still on the clock and she didn't have any other meetings. 
Karen decided to go into her bathroom and take advantage of the situation, taking a long, relaxing bath, but just as she removed all her clothes, standing in her ample modern bathroom, completely naked, ready to turn on the water, the door swung open.  And there she stood the nanny sexiest.  The day was long, wearing those impossibly skinny jeans and a skin-tight blouse. 
Her hair was long and a lovely shade of brown.  Her skin, the smoothest silk being completely naked in front of amy, made Karen feel both excited, aroused, and vulnerable at the same.  The nanny's eyes opened as wide as marbles, and for a moment it seemed she was going to shut the door at once and rush away, but she seemed too enthralled by Karen's stunning curves. 
Oh, I'm so sorry, Mrs. K. I was just going to use the bathroom.  Didn't know you were in here.  She squealed but didn't step away yet.  Her intense stare focused on Karen's naked curve.  The blonde might be over 10 years, her senior, but that didn't make her tits any less enticing.  Are those hips any less sexy? 
Amy had been talking to her friends for a few weeks telling them all about the mill she worked for.  It's, it's okay.  Karen replied, and though she knew she should be covering herself with a towel or asking Amy to leave, she did nothing of the.  Sensu's little grin tugged up the corner of her full lips. 
You know, amy whispered, teasingly taking a step forward, licking her lower lips so hotly, so enticingly, sally's taking her nap.  She'll rest for at least another hour if you're feeling she paused a dramatic sexy little pause as she took another step forwards.  Naughty.  That was all Karen needed to listen. 
If amy wanted this to happen as badly as she did, then it was all fair game.  Even if the co-head was 10 years, her junior and she was married if her husband paid no attention to her if she longed for the touch of a lover, why couldn't she indulge in some afternoon?  The gorgeous mil broke the distance between them wrapping her arms around the nanny and kissing her passionately. 
Her naked body pressed against Amy's clothed curvaceous silhouette as their tongues danced together within an instant.  Karen's hands were all over Amy's body tugging at her clothes for moving them bit by bit, enjoying the ride.  And when the bra finally slid onto the bathroom tiles, she could hardly believe it. 
They were bigger than they seemed in those tiny little blouses, and when she squeezed those amazing orbs as hard as she could, Karen realized they were incredibly sensitive as well.  Amy moaned so passionately tilting her head back and pulling her chest forward to encourage Karen to keep going.  And that was when Karen began to knee at those gorgeous hits, pinching at those erected pink nipples, massaging them so hotly. 
She had never touched another woman before.  Only enjoyed male partners, her husband, and a few boyfriends before him, and that was it.  But sleeping with a gorgeous woman, a younger woman, was unlike anything she had ever experienced.  Once all clothes were off that gorgeous curvaceous body, the two women let themselves drop onto the ground. 
Their tongues still dancing together, hands rolling up and down each other's arms, breasts, stomachs, and even thighs.  When Amy's fingers slid between Karen's legs and the older woman's cl, the blonde mil moaned wildly.  She quivered all over as the nanny expertly flicked her most sensitive little knob between two fingers and both lovers rolled on the cold bathroom floor. 
Mm. Your body is just as amazing as I thought it would be.  Karen cooed hotly kissing her way down Amy's body, rolling her tongue over the coeds neck, shoulders, and finally her massive firm ti.  They were so huge, so stunning, and those nipples were incredibly firm and pink.  She captured one of them between her full lips and sucked at it until the younger woman was moaning and panting beneath her. 
But Amy wasn't just going to lay there and be touched, correct, and licked by the gorgeous older.  No matter how good it might feel, instead, she pulled her body forward.  Thrusting Karen onto the side before rolling.  On top of her a playful little smirk on her full lips.  I'm gonna make you see the stars. 
She per hotly before she started to kiss her way down, Karens.  Nibbling here and there before she reached those long legs and applied just enough pressure to make the beautiful blonde open them for her.  She dipped her head between Karen's thighs and a moment later she was kissing and lapping at that sexy, tight pussy. 
It was so wet, so hot, aching to be touched.  Long last, it was clear to her.  Karen hadn't been fucked in such a long.  And so she began to roll her tongue up and down that pussy eagerly flicking her engorged over sensitive cl from side to side.  Karen moaned out loud knowing how well-isolated the bathroom was. 
No one outside would listen to the sounds of their lovemaking her pleasure heightened with every lick, every kiss, every nibble, and she was soon panting and trembling all over.  Her legs thrashed on either side of Amy's body.  The gorgeous milf embraced the first orgasm she enjoyed in a long time, melting against the bathrooms, and tiles, her breasts heaving up and down madly with each pant. 
As she continued to look Karen out helping her ride that powerful orgasm, amy fingered herself faster and faster.  The taste of that incredibly sexy, older woman's arousal only increased her pleasure and soon.  Amy experienced that same high, that same explosion deep within her.  They lay there on the bathroom floor, spent and satisfied. 
Knowing full well this was by no means going to be a one-time thing, nap time for the toddler would become playtime for the adults from that day.