Orgasm Sex in the Woods

Tonight's racy erotic story of unbridled lust tells the tale of a couple who decide to have wild and passionate sex outdoors - right where nature lives. What would happen if all your fantasies were fulfilled with an incredible partner? Prepare for an intense ride through passions that feed your deepest desires; taking things further than what you think is humanly possible. If it can get any crazier than this- just wait until we go beyond the limits of expectation, making things feel new again! You'll never know what might show up next in these tales or how deep down the rabbit hole goes...If listeners deem us worthy enough to listen to. So stay tuned in ladies and gentlemen, because there will be no shortage of stories waiting out there for you either!


I need a break.  Maryella muttered under her breath.  She stopped for a breather and then she leaned over her hands, settling on her knees as she tried to catch her breath.  Aiden was walking a little too fast.  She was tired of trying to keep up with his pace.  This was a walk through the woods, not some marathon, but Aiden just couldn't break his. 
Until now, he halted in his tracks, and then he turned to look at her.  Oh yeah, she nodded.  Her hair cascaded down both sides of her face, almost blocking her view of the woods.  At the moment, though, the gleam in Aiden's eye caught her full attention.  She stared intently into his face, watching his lips stretch into a smirk. 
I thought you liked it fast.  He arched his left brow at her as he advanced towards her.  What?  Mariella straightened her spine.  It took a moment for her to fully understand him, and then her cheeks heated up.  Oh my gosh.  She said Aiden took another step forward and then he halted in front of her. 
His right arm encircled her waist and pulled her so close she fell against his broad chest.  So you no longer like it faster, huh?  He pulled her even closer.  She shook her head unless something hard is going on inside of me.  Aiden didn't say another word.  He kissed her instead.  The intensity of his kiss instantly knocked her out of breath, and out of balance. 
She held onto him for support her fingers digging into his skin once she regained balance.  She kissed him back.  Her kiss was hard and deep.  Her lips slid along every inch of his lips.  He pulled her so close, she could feel an unmistakable hardness in his pants.  At the feel of it, her breath caught in her throat. 
In her moment of astonishment, her lips detached from his and a who of warm breath escaped her.  She looked down at his groin to see the hardness pressing against her, and then he grasped her right hand.  He placed it between his legs, letting her feel his erection.  He sucked in a raspy breath.  His stomach clenched in response to the deepness of his breath. 
This is what you do to me.  He said Mariella had been dating Aiden for three years.  And found it intriguing that he was still as attracted to her as he had been when their relationship was still in its infancy.  She considered this the best part of their relationship.  You are so hard, she whispered. 
She looked up into his eyes, fix your shit.  He said his voice was firm painting his words as an order.  Maryella giggled.  She could already feel her pants dampen.  She thought about taking him between her legs and then she felt her throat tighten with thirst.  She gulped a little undecided, but it only took a moment for her to decide which hole called dibs on the thick girthy rod. 
She finally decided to take him in her mouth, drive him crazy with mind-blowing blowjobs, and then let him fuck her puss.  She moved her hand around his cock, and then she glanced around finding no one in sight.  She turned back around to look at him.  Her eyes had barely even met his when he whirled her around and rammed her into a tree. 
Her breasts were flat against the tree.  Her nipples tightened beneath her black sleeveless.  Top Aiden's needy hands roamed the sides of her body.  He peppered kisses down the left side of her neck, worked his way to her shoulder, and his way toward her upper arm.  He played around with a thin strap of her top, and for a moment it seemed he would slip the strap down her arm, but then he let go of it and proceeded to caress the sides of her body yet again. 
Once he found her jiggly ass, he spanked her left ass cheek.  Her denim shorts watered down the pleasure she would otherwise derive from being spanked, but a soft whimper slipped through her lips anyway, and he moaned into her ears.  His stumbled beard prickled her and made her skin twice as sensitive. 
His fingers slipped to the front of her shorts, undid her button, and then proceeded to undo the zipper.  He slipped the fabric down her thighs, taking her panties along with it.  The fabric had barely even made it to Mariella's ankles.  When she felt the hardness of his cock against her ass, it settled in her ass crack, splitting her ass cheeks apart. 
Aiden moaned his voice gruff and orgasmic as he kept working his cock up and down her ass crack.  Her knees turned rubbery, prompting her to grab the tree as though her whole life depended on it.  She arched her back and then she gyrated against him.  Her ass jiggled against his cock as she kept grinding into him. 
His voice trembled as he moaned, and then he couldn't take it anymore.  He grabbed her ass and positioned her for some mindless penetration.  And then his cock slipped into her pussy.  By the time his cock made it to her pussy, it had already soaked up all of her juices.  He planted his cock at her opening. 
She heaved a breath and her pussy quickly tightened around the tip of his cock.  He inched his way inside of her.  His cock moved so slowly that she could feel each throbbing vein against her slippery walls.  Oh gosh.  He muttered.  Your wet is fuck baby.  Aiden shoved his full length inside of her. 
She flung her head back and bit back ammo only to feel his hand wrap around her hair.  He pulled hard at her hair as he fucked her against the tree.  He pounded hard and fast and did not pull out even for a moment.  Not until he emptied himself inside of her.