Horny Wild Bridesmaids Sex

In today's erotic story of sizzling hot sex, we share the naughty adventure two wild horny lesbian bridesmaids as they sneak away from their wedding duties for some kinky sensual time together. What would happen if your every desire was met and surpassed? Prepare yourself for a ride between reality and fantasy! When we give you something new to feast on- brace yourself, because it won't be long before you're reaching much further than any other point of satisfaction. If it can get any crazier than what it already is- just wait until we find ways to make you go even deeper down this rabbit hole. If listeners deem it worthy of listening to (and let's face it why wouldn't they?), then rest assured there will always be another gem waiting out there for them- so stay tuned in!


Donna and Kara turned their gaze to see each other.  While the bride and groom exchanged vows, Nuptials always seemed to turn them.  The two friends had already enjoyed three previous weddings.  It seemed everyone in their group of friends was getting married and sparks flew in the air between them raising a brow every time. 
The red-haired car let Donna know she was more than ready to have some fun.  The second the ceremony ended, Donna wearing the same matching Lilac bridesmaid, strapless dress nodded at once they were on.  That was for sure.  Both of them couldn't be more different Kara was voluptuous and the lilac dress highlighted her thick hips and round tits. 
Donna was petite and perky her gown fitting her tightly, showing off her boyish appeal.  She carried her hair short and black, contrasting with her bright blue eyes, beautifully Kara's, long flowing red hair cascaded down one shoulder.  White flowers adorning the other side of her head the instant the bride and groom said I do. 
In kissed in front of the guests, the two girls sneaked away making their way towards the coat room, which would be deserted by that.  I couldn't wait for them to be over.  I mean, it's so lovely, but you look so goddamn hot in that dress, Kara squealed as she closed the door behind them, wrapping her arms around her best friend and kissing her passionately. 
Neither one of them cared if they ruined their makeup.  That was what mirrors were for.  They could always reapply it, and it was more than worth it to enjoy some kinky time together, knowing they could be caught at any moment.  There was something so hot about doing it in a public place where anyone who needed their coat or a purse could walk in on them and see exactly what was going on. 
That added to the alcohol and romance flowing in the air that night made for a perfect storm.  Neither girl wanted to resist.  Do you think Rose knows we are here while she has her first dance?  Donna giggled against her friend's neck as she kissed her way down the red, red-haired woman's body.  Mm, I don't think so. 
She'll be too lost in Mike's eyes to care about.  We should be back by the time toasts are made because she'll kill us both if we're not there to give our speeches.  She replied gasping as Donna reached her breasts, pinching her nipples as she pulled the strapless dress down, exposing those round orbs. 
No matter how many times I see them, I still can't get enough of them.  She heard wrapping her lips around one of those erected pink nipples suckling at it.  As of her life depended on it.  Kara was forced to press her hand onto her full lips to avoid a loud moan from reaching the dance floor.  Right that. 
Donna certainly knew how to touch her to make pleasure.  Go from zero to a million in a single second.  Fuck that feels good.  She moaned as Donna's fingers trailed down, Kara's stomach, finally reaching that sweet spot between her thighs.  Kara didn't stay behind and soon the two bridesmaids were heavily petting each other, not caring if their makeup was completely ruined. 
They did pull their dresses down on top and up on the bottom because it would be too hard to properly get dressed in time.  But other than that, all bets were off.  They collapsed together onto the floor, but not before throwing a few coats onto the floor so they wouldn't get dust.  They still wanted to look their best during the party after all. 
And Rose had worked so hard to make sure her special day was perfect in every way.  Oh, fuck.  Just like that.  Don't stop, Kara fuck.  Donna moaned out loud as her friend nibbled her way down that petite body until she reached the dark-haired girl's open legs.  She lost herself between them, dipping her head further down, allowing her tongue to roll and zigzag over. 
Donna's cl, you're so good at.  Mm, Don't you stop.  Kara had no plan of stopping.  Not for an instant.  She adored how sweet and tangy Donna's juices were, and it was true enough to make her crave more, more, more.  They knew they didn't have much time left to enjoy themselves in the closet after all. 
The first dance would soon be over, and the time to make their toasts would arrive before long, so they hurried up the rhythm.  Touching and licking each other, almost frantically.  It was one of the things they loved about having sex during their friend's weddings.  It had to be all so quick, so rushed, so passionate, and wild. 
It was a secret, while it was as close to the public as anything they'd done sexually, but just as pleasure began to rise further and further.  Just as the two women grew closer to embracing those powerful orgasms, the door opened quietly and they both stared up towards the entrance, eyes wide, as dear, caught in the light. 
Their heart stopped for an instant, wondering if they had been caught by the bride herself, or were still one of the mothers-in-law.  But instead, as the door closed behind the newcomer, They discovered it was none other than Luke, the groom's brother and best man at the ceremony.  Well, well, well, So the rumors are true. 
After all, the handsome Lean man Grn walked closer, admiring the two women's bodies intertwined.  So sensually on top of several guests and coats, the two girls exchanged looks.  Trying to decide in a split second what they were going to do about it.  If they wanted to talk him into keeping the secret, they'd have to forego the chance to come during the ceremony. 
If not, well come over here and shut up.  We don't have much time.  Kara snapped at him while Donna essentially made a Come Hiter motion with her finger.  Immediately joining the two gorgeous bridesmaids.  He wasn't going to argue with a good thing.  That was for sure.  You two know how to get a guy to ugh. 
He grunted as Cara boldly grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him down onto the floor with them.  The two girls didn't waste a single instant letting him get heated up bit by bit.  Oh no.  They were all over him.  Kissing Caress.  Groping making him hard with their undivided attention.  It didn't take long for them to unzip his suit Pants zipper, His cock already throbbing with arousal and Kara winked at her friend wrapping her lips around that thick erect cock while her best friend moved behind. 
Lifting that lilac skirt over her ass.  Kara found herself facing Donna's soaked pussy, and she began licking and lapping at her friend's cunt while the dark-haired girl continued to suck.  Luke off.  The best man stared at the sexy assembly line that had suddenly formed in front of his very eyes, fascinated by how efficient and sensual it all was. 
He watched as Donna bopped her head, greedily up and down his dick.  How Kara licked and lead at Donna's cunt, how she also fingered her pussy faster and faster.  Moans, muffled by each other's genal.  Oh my God, I'm so glad I decided to join you girls.  He grunted breathing heavily as his balls began to tense as his cock throbbed fiercely inside Donna's eager mouth. 
Before long pleasure became too intense for any of them to control.  Do.  They exploded almost in perfect tandem, one after the other.  Their bodies quivering and tensing as ecstasy took over, Donna gulped down every single drop of come as she felt Kara lick her cunt clean.  Only a single member of their little threesome was still dripping wet after her orgasm, but that was about to be solved as well. 
Follow my lead, Donna told.  Popping his dick off her moist lips, and he nodded.  Without hesitation, both helped Kara lay down on the ground and opened her legs wide so they could fit between them.  Moving in perfect tandem, they licked in and Suckled at her pussy, focusing on her cl and folds until it was coded with nothing more than a thin layer of Sali. 
Adjust your clothes and go back to the party so no one knows we were here together.  We'll put our makeup back on and join you.  Kara rushed Luke to get moving.  10 minutes later, Kara and Donna were toasting to the groom and the bride, and no guest except for Luke had any idea what they had been doing just before uttering those moving words.