Sneaky Sex Rounds in the Office

Today's erotic story captures the naughty deeds of a sneaky sexual office affair between a seductive junior colleague and her handsome boss. Rest assured to have your wildest desires come true as we take you through an exciting realm of pleasurable thrills just right for those lustful fantasies of yours. What seems like it can't get any crazier than what it already is, brace yourself because we're sure that this steamy intrigue has got everything you need to make your dreams come true! As long as listeners deem it worth listening to, there will always be another one out there waiting for them. Make sure you tune in next time!


Sasha licked her lips sensually as she stepped into her boss's office.  Mr. Harris was 20 years her senior in such a handsome silver fox.  He always wore the most exquisite tailor-made suits that enhanced his already muscular body, and it drove her crazy with desire.  The 24-year-old blonde woman knew better than to sleep with her boss. Not only could she lose her job if he found out about it, but his wife was already on the lookout for potential affairs.  However, a month before they had started an affair, none of it mattered to Sasha.  Ever since then, they had been going at it hot and heavy almost every day, both in the office and after hours perhaps. That was why all her usually demure outfits had been replaced by short skirts, tight blouses, and tight little dresses.  Still professional looking, but sexy as hell.  It made it impossible for me. Harris looked away from her hourglass figure whenever she stepped into his office, and that was just the way she liked it. You called me Mr. H. She purred, hotly wiggling her hips from side to side with each new step.  She was carrying a notebook in pen, but she knew she wouldn't be scribbling anything down.  After all, he immediately motioned towards the door, and huskily commanded.  Close the door behind you please, Sasha. And she did smirking hotly at her handsome boss.  Her blonde hair cascaded ply down her back.  Her black pencil skirt wrapped around her round, sexy hips so beautifully, and her white blouse gave just enough of a glimpse down her stunning cleavage.  That any red-blooded man would be lusting for her with an instance. Come over here, gorgeous.  He grunted huskily pulling his chair back so that she'd have enough space to climb on top of him easily.  She took her time walking over to the desk, giving him more than enough time to stare at her swaying hips, the gentle motion of her breasts with each new step, her impossibly long legs, and those black high heels. 
What can I do for you today?  Mr. H? She poured hotly her voice so low and raspy, biting her lower lip as she leaned in against the desk.  I want you to make this boring day a whole lot more exciting.  Sasha, he replied at once and as she cast her gaze down his body, she reached his lap.  Noticing just how erect he was. It was noticeable even through the fabric of his expensive suit; that was how she loved it.  Do you get this hard for your wife?  She asked.  Reaching out her hand and grabbing his erection through his pants, making him gro with arousal.  No, never.  Only for you.  He moaned softly as she began teasing him over his pants.

Loving how hot and bothered he got all of a sudden.  Mm. So I'm sexier than your wife.  She teased him slowly starting to unzip his pants, raising her brow sharply.  Yes.  Hell yes.  You're so much better than her.  Your body's amazing.  Fuck me already, Sasha.  I need you so badly.  He granted, and she wasn't going to keep him waiting. Sasha fished out his cock from his pants and immediately dropped onto the ground, ready to play with it for a while before actually impaling herself with his massive dick.  It was truly one of the thickest cocks she had ever seen in her life, and she loved playing with it.  Of course, the fact that she got a great bonus in her paycheck ever since she started sleeping with her boss was won a hell of a per.  She rolled her tongue over his bulbous head at first, flicking it from side to side, making him groan softly.  A drop of precum landed on her tongue and she gulped it greedily before she continued to slide her tongue all over his thick dick, lower and lower until she reached his balls.  Once there, she sucked one of them in and suckled at it hot.  Making him moan until she switched up for the next.  It was when she felt him tensing with delight that Sasha moved up his shaft once more until she reached his crown once again, wrapping her lips around it, she began to expertly bob her head up and down his shaft taking inch after inch inside her greedy mouth. Oh yeah, baby.  Fuck.  You're such a good little cock sucker.  Ugh.  He grunted with arousal, bucking his hips up.  As she continued to move her head up and down his shaft, her lips were wrapped so tightly around his cock.  She could feel himself pulsating inside her throbbing with increased arousal. 

He placed his hand on the top of her blonde head and helped her move faster and faster.  Sasha took him deep inside her mouth, allowing his bulbous head to slide into her throat, managing to swallow him whole with such ease.  It was only when he was quivering from head to toe lost in the throes of passion that Sasha finally slid away from his cock, a string of pre-cum and saliva connecting her lips to the bulbous head. For an instant, she winged hotly at the older.  She stood up once more.  He groaned with delight as the younger secretary began rolling, the hem of her skirt up her impossibly long legs eventually revealing she was wearing nothing underneath her outfit.  Ready for him to plunge that thick erect cock deep inside her.  Let me ride you.  She poured hotly and he nodded at once.  Loving the way she took charge.  And knew exactly what he wanted, what he needed.  Fuck.  Yeah.  He replied immediately, leaning back so she had more space.  Sasha sensually climbed on top of the massive office chair, resting one knee on either side of his legs, grabbing his cock firmly, and rubbing it against her entrance. I love to fuck you in your office.  It's so dirty.  Like we could be caught at any second.  She cooed hotly as she lowered herself onto his cock inch after inch.  Mm. He moaned placing his hands on her round thick hips.  Yeah, it's so hot.  You're a pervy little slut, aren't you?  She giggled hotly as she began to ride him like a wild cowgirl bouncing up and down his shaft over and over again. 

The chair squeaked but didn't budge.  Fortunately, it was sturdy enough to support their weight.  Her boobs barely contained by her white blouse, bounced up and down enticingly, and he squeezed them hard quickly discovering her nipples and giving them a playful little pinch.  That's it.  Mm uh, it feels so good.  Your cock feels so good inside me.  She moaned loudly.  As she continued to move up and down his shaft clenching her pussy around his girth so that he throbbed hard inside her.  Her boss began to thrust his hips up against her pussy, effectively moving in tandem, fucking roughly quickly, knowing that at any moment they might be interrupted.  It didn't take long for the pleasure they shared to rise further and further.  Until it reached that inevitable peak that drove them both insane with arousal, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a kiss so that they could both muffle their intense mos by making out passionately as she jumped one last time on his cock before grounding herself against his lap. Their tongues danced together wildly as they shared muffled little moans and grunts their bodies tensing together.  As they shared the incredible height of their shared orgasm.  Finally, Sasha slowly slid away, standing back up and adjusting her skirt with a playful little smirk on her full lips.  I think the phone's ringing.  She told him teasingly as she cleaned her lips with the back of her hand and winked at her boss as she waltzed out of his office as if they hadn't just fucked each other's brains out.  Just a moment before.