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As such, this story focuses on an ASMR masturbation kit made specifically for ASMR users. This erotic tale offers a titillating experience full of pleasant moans and sighs tailored just to stimulate your ears while making you climax! If you haven't subscribed yet - we highly recommend it! Remember that without listeners like yourself who listen carefully - these words would never be spoken again!


Just when we're getting to the, now, listen up for tonight's erotic story, there's a difference between being your slut and your horn. I bet you didn't know that. Most men don't. Both love to get fucked, and have that inherent love of cock, but the one difference between the two is prerogative. If I'm your whore, I'll fuck any man you bring to me. Suck any cock. Swallow any load. Do anything dirty anyone asks me to. But if I'm your slot, I'm more discerning, Oh, I want the Cox. I wanna get, and I wanna be dirty, but I want those to earn it. And you like that? You like them to know how privileged they are to be fucking. Your slots to get your sluts are not of approval. There are most people tend to think of a slot as something negative, an easy woman, but. Truly sluts. Not that easy. And if you're the man who has an S sl of his very own, well, you're the among men, aren't you? You've got that woman. Wants the fuck your cock all the goddamn time because she's chosen you. You're the cock that she's gonna use. Get off whenever you're even, you know, you're not gonna be enough for her. A slot needs more variety. Different shapes and sizes and tastes and textures, and she needs men who are wild and hard, and some who are timid. She craves it all. You can't give her everything she needs, but. You get the privilege of sharing her. You get to bring her, watch her, approve them, or dismiss them, and you've gotten so good at it. You know her type. As broad and fast as that may be. She does have a type. She does have things she prefers from the men who get to fuck her, get to use her body for their pleasure, you know, so well. She barely turns the money bring to her away. But she can, and sometimes she does, because again, that's all prerogative. A who on the other hand? Well, if you've got one of those for your very own, you might be considered. Lucky by some men, but there's no loyalty from a who. Your cock is convenient, but it doesn't hold any status over the, There's not an ever, doesn't have a time. Her type is hard. Her type wants to fuck her type wants. That's a who, and as she sounds, there's no elegance to a very little temptation.
Sometimes that's what you need though.  Just dirty little used, you'll fickle suits her mood best that that hour, that minute.  And it's funny because.  Depending on who, and how she dresses up.  Many men can mistake one for the other, at least at first, But A who and a slap.  Oh, they recognize one another immediately. 
There's a slight sense of arrogance from an SL like she's better than that.  Who for being more discriminating when it comes to the men she'll fuck, and who has the same sense of confidence knowing there.  Not a man she can't have in her holes.  It's a little bit of a misunderstanding on the horse part. 
It's not that a slut can't have any man she wants, she can't just, not all will be chosen, unlike the who the horror racks up the Cox.  Loads of come-like trophies on a wall make her the best in her eyes, or SL just prides herself on getting the exact cock that she wants.  As many as she wants.  But I've heard choosing and feeling some sense of arrogance in the fact that. 
Some won't cut.  Now I met her man likes that, but some won't make the cut that his woman is sought after, But not such an easy win for every man.  An SLU will let you work for him.  You might not be the one she chooses first off, but charm, wi, or hell, sometimes even just cash or Big Dick will change your mind, but it's her prerogative to do so. 
Well all need to do is show up and have a deck and you're in.  Literally, and as far as I'm concerned, they both have their merits.  Some nights I wanna be a whore.  My demanding posting ass, my thirst just too much.  Then I don't wanna give a fuck about picking and choosing.  I just want hard talk, pumping comes in mean on me. 
The more of them the better, but those occasions are rare nights when I just let myself go.  It's hard to keep up.  The stamina is a whore.  The excitement of it when any cockle deal.  No, no, no.  I wanna be all I wanna be yours, that sexy piece of ass on your arm makes every man's head in the room get stiff in their pants. 
Fantas flood their heads with all sorts of different situations that they could get to.  Fuck me in.  And watching, looking around the room pointing at men.  How about that one?  Yes, babe.  To another one.  Fuck it.  Suck person.  Campaign.  Point to another one.  . Hell no.  Save him for the horse, babe. 
Oh, but yes, a bartender too.  I've felt my hand slip into your lap.  Rub your hard cock knowing every man is watching.  Makes even harder.  I like that some women might say it's degrading.  Nothing is degrading about this.  I'm the one in control.  I'm the one who gets to choose who we bring home to. 
Fuck me.  I'm the one who gets the pleasure of it.  Making you so wild by being your son, working your cock up to that frenzy.  I get to enjoy that all night long and every day after that, for weeks, we can live on the tails of me being your sl.  That's the difference between being a whore.  It's just the same old, same old fucking day and night. 
This is the anticipation of the slutty nights when we get to pick and choose, and then there are these spontaneous times and the most unlikely situation.  Or two will be dropped, some flirting here and there, and next thing you know, your SLS getting fucked or sucking off a cock.  You never know when that'll be with a can camp. 
Boring snow refusals.  Oh, it's just fucking, Yeah.  So yes, if I had to choose for you right now, I would want you to have a perfect slut for you, with occasional tendencies, but it's a lot nonetheless.  And of course, I'd.  Can I be your son?  Oh.