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Recent Episodes

November 30, 2022

Busty Babysitter Fucks Boss For Extra Money

There was no doubt Elle was excited about babysitting once more for the Jackson family, the kid was sweet and the gig was easy, sure, but that wasn't the reason why she was looking forward to it. No, what she loved was getting to flirt with dean Jackson whenever he got back home. Once his son was fast asleep, the dean's wife was no longer in the picture and didn't seem to be dating any other woman, no matter how handsome he might be. And that was just fine with Elle. The 20-year-old coed had begun babysitting a few months before having some extra spending money.

November 29, 2022

The Young Couples Foursome Experience

Beth and lance had been married for three years by that night, and though they still adored each other, they were ready to add some excitement into their lives. One of her closest friends had told her about lance and was more than eager to try out the experience. Once inside, beth removed her dress, placing it on the pool chair, clad in nothing more than a tight blue bikini. Her husband also took off his clothes, remaining in nothing but his bathing suit. It was rousing, and thrilling, particularly when they noticed a group of four people in one of the bathtubs enjoying some wild action.